My Body by Val.mue

Title: “Skin does not have a gender” Description: On May 21, 2020 two gays were attacked with homophobic slur at the center of Baku. Two young gey men were hanging on each other as they walked down the street to get home without knowing what will happen to them very soon. They were going through an underpass and a man turned and looked at them in a sarcastic way around 4-5 times and then shouted: “Since when a man is hanging on another man?! Since when they hug in public?!”. “And then together with the people around he approached us and squeezed my throat tightly and used inappropriate slurs” - says the victim. After the attack one of the victims had injuries – red scratches on his neck. The situation could have gone worse if there were no people around to save them. The attacker threatened victims to death. Shortly after the victims reported the case to the police and the officer said that we can not do anything if the attacker is not found within 10 days. Most interesting part: When the law enforcement officer was at the scene of the accident, instead of defending the victims' violated rights, he denounced the victim and sarcastically added, “Why do you have a girl-like soft body? Why does it go red from a mild scratch?” Still today at the center of capital city Baku LGBT+s face physical violence because of their identity and because of the way they express themselves. Streets of Baku are not safe for LGBT+s… As you can see on the second picture it is the injured hands of different people identifying with different genders. In any way violation hurts! And the consequences are bad regardless of the person’s gender.

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