My Environment by Nigar

Title: “This World Is Not Strong Enough to Stand My Colors” LGBT+s live in an environment where people expect them to express themselves like the majority. Social pressure washes off their colors – limits their physical expressions such as person's clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and social expressions such as name and pronoun choice into a binary system. Because of social expectations our environment does not give the local queer community to experience their own gender. Everyone has the right to define their own gender identity, but most do not have the privilege of it. Queers want to live in an environment where they are accepted, respected and have freedom to express themselves. But unfortunately, the environment we live in kills us. “This World Is Not Strong Enough to Stand My Colors” was the last words of a well-known LGBT+ activist from Azerbaijan - Isa Shahmarli who aged just 20, and took his own life taking his bright and nurturing LGBT+ activism out with himself on January 22, 2014. The second piece represents the burden that society puts on LGBT+s and rules them for many years. Now instead of carrying our identity as a burden, it is time to start a reform and let our queer flag fly!

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