LNOB Film 9: “Between Man and the Nature”

Film 9: “Between Man and the Nature ” Director: Bahar Description: The movie is about nature preservation and how human and animal habitats could co-exist together. In this area where the movie is filmed, people have free access to give a visit and be in touch with animals. The interviewer explains the importance of the preservation of animal species and nature. Baku is a very busy and noisy city. Sometimes people want to escape the chaos of the city, but unfortunately, there are not very well-designed parks or other places where people can be easily in contact with nature. The filmed site is one of the examples where people could visit and be in touch with nature. Although Baku does not have the best nature scene, other regions of Azerbaijan are covered with beautiful nature and green areas. However, another problem is about access to these places. Sometimes they charge unreasonable prices for entrance tickets, or you need to take a seat at a facility (cafe, restaurant, etc) around the place (which charges a lot) to have access to nature. Escaping the noise of a big city and finding peace in public natural places is every citizen’s right. Restrictions on access and lousy design (as well as location) of parks in Baku are other urban problems of many. This project was realized in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (thanks to the support of The New Democracy Fund). The full version of the film and all films that are produced within the scope of the project can be found on cafx.dk.

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