LNOB Film 8: “Qıynannnnn!”

Film 8: “Qıynannnnn!” Director: Kanan Gayibov Description: Ali Malikov, a well-known LGBTI+ activist, is the film's main character. In the background voice, they explain how cities are LGBTI+ exclusive and there is no safe space for queer people. Working-class people usually have a very monotonous lifestyle in Baku with 9 to 6 jobs. City planning adds more struggles to their daily routine with packed public transport and paralyzed traffic that almost lasts the whole day. Many live from paycheck to paycheck and the situation easily triggers people’s anger towards everything including marginalized communities. The monotonous lifestyle in a gray city like Baku hinders many from entertainment due to the lack of resources, time and etc, and the situation escalates a general hatred towards people and communities who seem “different” and seemingly having fun. Combined with general queerphobia, the situation creates a very precarious situation for the LGBTI+ community. Many queers do not feel safe enough to show public affection and “tone themselves down” in public for their own security. From suburban areas to public institutions, from workplaces to the city center, there is not a 100% safe space for the community. Some electronic music spaces, techno communities, and particular bars have a more queer-friendly atmosphere, but it never guarantees full safety and security. Thus, the situation makes queer people escape the city and find peace and safety in isolated settings where they feel no hatred, judgment, or harassment from the general public. This project was realized in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (thanks to the support of The New Democracy Fund). The full version of the film and all films that are produced within the scope of the project can be found on cafx.dk.

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