LNOB Film 6: “Without a Pavement”

Film 6: “Without a Pavement” Director: Elmira Garay Description: The film highlights the citizens' struggles related to the sidewalks, certainly in the central streets where sidewalks are very narrow, cars are allowed to enter and parking is chaos. Many citizens who walk the streets where the film is made encounter different challenges. Particularly, for those who are in a hurry or coming back from shopping with some bags. Cars barely move due to the congestion, making the situation even worse for people to pass by. The narrow streets in Baku cover a huge area behind the central area from Hazi Alsanov to Bashir Safaroghlu street where plenty of shopping centers, entertainment and leisure facilities, local shops, business centers, embassies, and hotels are centered. The area requires access to a big number of citizens every day and the situation with the sidewalks demotivates many to walk around these streets. In return, people tend to take cabs to their destination, creating a vicious circle where the cabs worsen the traffic and eventually the overall situation. At the heart of Baku, many are left without a pavement/sidewalk, and the film portrays citizens' real everyday struggles. This project was realized in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (thanks to the support of The New Democracy Fund). The full version of the film and all films that are produced within the scope of the project can be found on cafx.dk.

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